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Si Tu Vas de Zomba à Ihla de Moçambique

Tu te lèveras assez tôt, autour de 6 h. Tu prendras douche et petit déjeuner et feras tes adieux à ta charmante hôte qui te prodiguera ses derniers conseils sur l’incompatibilité entre femmes… Continue reading

The Long Walk to Livingstonia

We awake in Chitimba to a few unpleasant sights. First is the light sprinkling of rain that threatens to prevent us from walking up to Livingstonia. Second is a glimpse of the curious… Continue reading

Lost in Malawi

From Lusaka, it’s a trip of several stages to Lilongwe, Malawi: a bus to Chipata, a shared taxi to the Zambian border, a walk across to the Malawian border, another shared taxi to… Continue reading