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Things Fall Apart

We get on a ferry in Dakar, Senegal. And from there, things begin to fall apart. Thus starts a series of long, often bumpy rides through two countries that seem to have fallen… Continue reading

Entering West Africa

Where does West Africa begin? Coming from the north, we think that it begins in Senegal. Upon crossing the border from Mauritania to Senegal by boat across the Senegal River, the change is… Continue reading

To Go To Togo

Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal… and then what? Until Nouakchott (Mauritania’s capital city, built out of nothing 50 years ago), we don’t know. We know that we have to be in Togo before Guillaume’s birthday… Continue reading

There are 2 Halfas in Sudan (WHERE ARE WE??!!)

In the morning, everything was fine. Ali, the manager of our hotel in Khartoum, had arranged a taxi for us and even paid for our ride to the bus station. The taxi picked… Continue reading

Introduction to Pyramids

There is a place in Sudan where you can sleep amongst pyramids. You will find it near a small village called Bejarawiya, about 200km north of Khartoum. Here lie the royal tombs of… Continue reading

Descent into the Danakil Depression

There is a place on this planet where the earth sinks to 100 metres below sea level, where shifting tectonic plates have created an otherworldly landscape of bubbling lakes and stinking fumes, hallucinogenic… Continue reading

In a Country Called Somaliland

TO GO OR NOT TO GO? That was the first question. The idea of entering a country that doesn’t officially exist, and that most people would never dream of visiting, fascinated us. Our… Continue reading

Journey to the Glowing Heart of Congo

Congo beckoned. On the first leg of our trip up from South Africa to Egypt, the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is the one area that fascinated us and that we wanted… Continue reading

Rwanda: Land of a Thousand Hills

The small map of Kigali in our Lonely Planet guidebook is incomprehensible, a swirl of spiraling roads. Once we arrive in Rwanda, we understand why. The tiny country of Rwanda seems to have… Continue reading

Bara Bara Ya Matope Matatizo (or the Amazing Mister Maurus)

Read in English with Google Translate Au départ d’Ilha de Moçambique, nous sommes prêts pour un nouveau voyage très compliqué vers Dar es Salaam. Sur l’île, nous avions rencontré un français (en salopette… Continue reading