Welcome to Ethiopia

Ethiopia is immediately striking as a country unique. It welcomes us with its distinct people, language, sights, smells, tastes, and sounds. We arrive in Addis Ababa (አዲስ አበባ in Amharic) on 30 April… Continue reading

Flying Over Moyale

We tried to get an Ethiopian visa to cross the border by land at Moyale, we really tried. In Kampala, we visited the Ethiopian embassy twice, spending a total of about three hours… Continue reading

What is real African food?

No-Roberry in Nairobi

Our expectations about Nairobi were somewhat low. We had heard many accounts about “Nai-roberry” and its theft, dirtiness and traffic. And despite our three happy years in the reputedly horrible crime-ridden Johannesburg, we… Continue reading


Arriving in Lamu, by bus (with armed escort) from Mombasa and then by boat from Mokowe, the town emerges as a cluster of white buildings rising out of the Indian Ocean. We are… Continue reading

Need to fill up your cow?

1000 Kilometres to Mombasa

It’s 1000 kilometres from Jinja (Uganda) to Mombasa (Kenya), the longest bus ride (22 hours) of our trip to date. Luckily we make the journey with Modern Coast Express bus company, whose lowest… Continue reading

Source of the Nile?

Ugandans will tell you that the source of the great Nile River is found in the town of Jinja, where the river flows out of Lake Victoria.  They will recount the story of… Continue reading

Viva Ssaabasajja Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II Viva

Nous sommes arrivés au cinquante-septième anniversaire de Ssaabasajja Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, roi du Buganda, sans invitation. Pourtant, nous étions motivés. Pour se rendre à l’école Saint Mary’s de Kisubi à une trentaine… Continue reading

Pulse of Kampala

Kampala is a living, breathing organism with matatus and boda-bodas running through its veins.  Nowhere do you feel the pulsing blood of Kampala more than riding down crowded Kyagwe road on the back… Continue reading