Entering West Africa

Where does West Africa begin? Coming from the north, we think that it begins in Senegal. Upon crossing the border from Mauritania to Senegal by boat across the Senegal River, the change is… Continue reading

To Go To Togo

Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal… and then what? Until Nouakchott (Mauritania’s capital city, built out of nothing 50 years ago), we don’t know. We know that we have to be in Togo before Guillaume’s birthday… Continue reading

Mauritanian Landscapes

Mauritania has been a surprise. We had imagined a country of vast desert stretching endlessly into the distance, an Islamic republic with an inward gaze unwelcoming to tourists, an undeveloped infrastructure where we… Continue reading

Riding the Iron Ore Train

Forty-five years ago, a young Togolese man named Mr Désiré Johnson rode the iron ore train across the Mauritanian desert. En route to France, he rode in a bin atop of a pile… Continue reading

Across the Sahara

We’re not quite clear on when we left Morocco. It was somewhere during that 24-hour bus ride between Marrakesh and Dakhla, the windswept town on the edge of “civilization” as we had come… Continue reading

A Snake in Marrakesh

Marrakesh… The name evokes images of the craziness that is supposed to be Morocco, with this city at the centre of it all: steaming food stalls and street performers converging on Djemaa el-Fna… Continue reading

Au Sommet de l’Atlas

La route vers le Jebel Toubkal (4167 m), le plus haut sommet de l’Atlas et de l’Afrique du Nord, est assez directe. Le sentier s’élance à la sortie d’Imlil, un petit village à… Continue reading

Sunset Over Bouznika

A chance encounter with old friends in Morocco grants us the opportunity to celebrate Ramadan en famille. In Casablanca, we learn that a university classmate of Guillaume’s is back in Morocco for the… Continue reading

Side Trip to Moulay Idriss

On the way to Rabat (Morocco’s capital city, where we need to pick up our visas for Mauritania), we are again distracted, this time by a tiny entry in the guidebook: one sentence… Continue reading

A Walk Through the Medina of Fes

A story in pictures…