Monthly Archive: September, 2012

Getting Through a Crisis

All is not well in Cote d’Ivoire. Once one of the most developed countries in Africa, things seem to have disintegrated in recent years. “La crise”, Ivorians call it. The first sign of… Continue reading

Perfect Strangers

Our detour through Guinea takes us to an overnight stop in a small city with the funky name of N’Zerekore (N’Z for short) in the region of Guinée Forestière. As it is just… Continue reading

Africa Votes Obama!

America hasn’t voted yet, but if Africa were voting there would be a clear winner…

The Love of Liberty Brought “U.S.” Here

Most of Africa is a patchwork of European colonization, with pieces of the continent having been divided up between France, England, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Germany, and Spain. In the middle of West Africa,… Continue reading

Rainy Season Blues

It is difficult to imagine a country in war. This is the thought that goes through our heads as we enter Sierra Leone and walk through the streets of Freetown. We are in… Continue reading

Things Fall Apart

We get on a ferry in Dakar, Senegal. And from there, things begin to fall apart. Thus starts a series of long, often bumpy rides through two countries that seem to have fallen… Continue reading