Sunset Over Bouznika

A chance encounter with old friends in Morocco grants us the opportunity to celebrate Ramadan en famille. In Casablanca, we learn that a university classmate of Guillaume’s is back in Morocco for the holidays, at the nearby resort town of Bouznika. We happily accept an invitation to spend a day with her and her family at their seaside home.

That evening, after the sun sets, we learn about the Moroccan ftour. We start with the “petit dejeuner”: dates, sweet pastries, harira, coffee, and orange juice. Then a short break (during which we watch Usain Bolt win the men’s 100m). We are called back to the table for what seems like lunch and dinner: pastries filled with cheese and meat, followed by spiced morsels of meat accompanied by a few types of Moroccan salads. The meal (meals?) ends with dessert, locally made ice cream in fruit flavours.

Sunset over the ocean in Bouznika — the first of many sunsets to come on the west coast of Africa