Monthly Archive: July, 2012

Side Trip to Moulay Idriss

On the way to Rabat (Morocco’s capital city, where we need to pick up our visas for Mauritania), we are again distracted, this time by a tiny entry in the guidebook: one sentence… Continue reading

A Walk Through the Medina of Fes

A story in pictures…

A Dream in Blue

The lovely thing about travelling with wide timeframes is that you have the flexibility to go to places on a whim. We hear about Chefchaouen in passing, a brief mention of the name… Continue reading

Port of Entry: Tangier

Tangier is a gentle re-entry into Africa, and an introduction to the rhythms of Morocco during Ramadan. We check into a comfy budget guesthouse, and after an early afternoon nap, head out to… Continue reading

Three o’clock: De Retour sur la Route

Apres trois semaines de “vacances” en Europe nous sommes plus ou moins prêts à reprendre la route. Adieu quiétude, vin, paellas. Bonjour… le reste. L’objectif de cette deuxième partie du voyage est de… Continue reading

Vacation From Vacation

138 days, 13 countries, 60+ stops, buses, trains, planes, matatus, matolas, bajajis, camels, cars, 4x4s, trucks, boda-bodas, boats, bicycle taxis, taxi-motos, hitchhiked rides, dalla-dallas, and flea bites… We needed a break. Egypt provided… Continue reading

Election Days in Egypt

It took us a long time to write about Egypt. Our trip there was not very original: Aswan, Luxor, Port Said, Alexandria, Cairo. After travelling in places such as Somaliland and Sudan, what… Continue reading