Make a Run for the Church

We search for accommodation in Kigali, visiting a few local guesthouses. There are three on the corner where we have stopped at an internet café.

The first costs Rfr7,000 for a self-contained double room. Not bad, we think, but go on to ask at the others.

The second costs Rfr8,000 for a room with the bathroom just outside the door. It costs slightly more, but it looks cleaner and the staff seem more friendly. They have greeted us at the entrance with a big smile on their faces.

The third costs Rfr8,500 for double room with shared bath. However, the owner tells us that if we want a self-contained room, “it will be available in three hours.” “You rent rooms by the hour?” “Yes,” he replies with a smile and a wink.

No thank you. We decide not to try any more local guesthouses, and instead head straight for the Church.

Need a room by the hour?

Need a room for the night?

No smoking, no music, silence is obligatory at night… The Catholic Church guesthouse is just what we are looking for.