Three o’clock

Three o’clock on Wednesday, 8 February 2012. We’re sitting on the floor of our friend Lindy’s flat in Craighall Park, Johannesburg. We’ve emptied our flat, left our jobs, handed in a thesis, and said some difficult goodbyes. Now, sitting on the floor with just two backpacks and too many things to put inside (tent, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, clothes, medicines, toiletries, etc.), we’re almost there.

In an hour, a friend will be coming to pick us up to bring us to Park Station, where the journey will begin. The plan is to spend twelve months travelling through the African continent. The first stage will be six months from Johannesburg up to Egypt (South Africa – Zimbabwe – Zambia – Malawi – Mozambique – Tanzania – Rwanda – Uganda – Kenya – Ethiopia – Sudan – Egypt); the first step is the overnight bus from Park Station to Bulawayo. There are sure to be many road blocks along the way, but (in the words of Bob Marley) there’s some rebel music playing and some open country waiting.